We are a nonprofit organization that tackles community-level issues throughout the Metro-Atlanta area through injections of financial and people capital. We believe in giving back to the community that raised us, uplifting it in the process. Our investment decisions are based on rigorous empirical studies and key informant interviews, ensuring that our resources go to the most needy as well as the most likely to make a positive impact. Our organization is currently in the process of administering three projects: Project Homeless Coalition, The NTD Solution, and BLM & ALM.
As Asian and Black Americans, Devin Stevens and Cameron Jasper, respectively, have experienced racism and social inequality and were determined to make a difference. Inspired by their home city of Atlanta, they seek to tackle social inequalities, including racism and poverty within their communities. Through organized social gatherings and the organization's volunteer club branch at Centennial High School, D & C Charity Inc. encourages teenagers to engage in uncomfortable conversations with their peers to understand various perspectives and empathize with others while giving back through volunteer time. D & C Charity Inc. values the importance of listening and dialogue and believes they are essential to creating attainable solutions to improve society and catalyze positive change. The organization raises capital through donations and corporate sponsorship.